Christian Dior

Dior Cruise 2023 - fashion show in Paris

When it comes to the cruise collection, the fashion capital is not always preferred by Christian Dior as the location for the Paris Fashion Week show. So this time the presentation of the RESORT 2023 collection took place outside of France.

Christian Dior Couture fashion fall-winter 2021-2022 in Paris

 At Paris Fashion Week, the presentation of the fall-winter collection COUTURE 2021-2022 from the famous brand Christian Dior took place.

Dior fashion spring-summer 2022 in Paris

 Within the framework of Paris Fashion Week, the famous brand Christian Dior presented its new spring-summer 2022 collection. Dior

Dior fashion autumn-winter 2021/2022 in Paris

 "Dark fairy tales about a princess" - perhaps this is how you can voice the main theme of the fall-winter 2021/2022 fashion collection from the famous brand Christian Dior. Christian Dior

Christian Dior Resort fashion 2022

 The show took place at Christian Dior RESORT 2022, one might say, in the homeland of sports in Athens, at the famous ancient Greek stadium, built in ancient times. Christian Dior

Christian Dior spring-summer 2021 fashion show in Paris

At Paris Fashion Week, the famous brand Christian Dior presented its new spring-summer 2021 collection.

Christian Dior Cruise 2021 / Everyday Fashion

The show of the Christian Dior RESORT 2021 cruise collection took place on a square in the Italian city of Lecce and took place in the format of an online broadcast.

Christian Dior Fall 2020 Winter 2021 in Paris

Christian Dior Fall-Winter 2020/21 Collection Presented at Paris Fashion Week

Christian Dior Couture Spring-Summer 2020 in Paris. The world will be ruled by women

As part of Paris Fashion Week, when every eminent brand seeks to charm, or shall we say, to captivate the audience gathered at the show with luxurious fashionable images, a presentation of the spring-summer 2020 couture collection from the Christian Dior fashion house took place.

Christian Dior Spring-Summer 2020 in Paris. The tree is an important symbol for us.

One of the most anticipated fashion shows at Paris Fashion Week was the show of the new spring-summer 2020 collection from Christian Dior. This season, the podium has been miraculously transformed into a wonderful green forest. 164 species of various young trees, whose roots were wrapped in sackcloth, were neatly arranged in the hippodrome room, where the presentation took place.

Christian Dior осень-зима 2019/2020 в Париже. Девушка из далеких 50-х

На неделе моды в Париже прошла презентация новой коллекции осень-зима 2019-2020 от Модного Дома Christian Dior. Мария Грация Кьюри посвятила свою новую творческую работу тедди-герлз – девушкам из далеких 50-х.