Michael Kors Fall/Winter 2022/2023. Fashion show in New York

Today, friends, I want to introduce you to the new fall-winter 2022-2023 collection from the Michael Kors fashion house, which debuted at New York Fashion Week.
michael-kors-fall-2022 ready-to-wear

Before the start of the show, the designer noted that he was infinitely happy and glad to return to real shows, when goosebumps run down the skin when each model enters the catwalk and you feel nervous trembling in anticipation of how the audience will react to the next fashion masterpiece. No matter how masterfully shot the video of the new collection, but according to the couturier, the movie clip will never replace the live reaction of the audience.

The marathon of presentations for the upcoming cold season started at New York Fashion Week, and already here it became clear that the struggle for the title of the most luxurious, elegant and beautiful collection would be very intense - as the Michael Kors line show set a pretty high bar for everyone. The brand put on more than just a show for journalists, influencers and its clients - it was a real celebration.

On that day, the city literally shone. And not at all because of the billboards, burning with bright neon light. On the podium in the cult music hall of Terminal 5 in Manhattan came a charming starship - the most famous and sought-after fashion models on the planet. I think that the audience gathered at the show will remember this day for a long time. When else will there be an opportunity to see so many supermodels at once in one place?

Irina Shayk, Gigi and Bella Hadid, Natasha Poly, Emily Ratakovski and other equally famous stars walked through the fashion scene. Yes, not every day and not at every presentation you will meet such an impressive composition, which, however, did not overshadow the most important thing for which everyone gathered here - beautiful, jewelry-tailored clothes.

The collection for the upcoming autumn-winter season turned out to be bright and emphatically elegant. In these things you want to have fun and have a good time. At the same time, there are many respectable, elegant outfits here. Yes, life in slippers and home clothes is sad and boring, and many of us are fed up with the order. Therefore, Michael Kors today is determined to leave all adversity behind and give his customers a pleasant pastime.

As the designer states: “I am a man with a glass half full.” And today he makes the main bet on what he does best - he creates a beautiful, one might say chic, collection. There was a place in it for both laconic monochrome images and outfits in a cage, stripes or with a predatory print. The fashion designer skillfully plays with shades and textures, combining fur and wool, knitwear and tweed, leather, suede and cashmere in one ensemble.

And the color scheme is not important at all: things look amazing both in calm shades traditional for the cold season - gray, beige, brown, black, and in bright orange, canary yellow or in a bold flash of fuchsia.

michael-kors-fall-2022 ready-to-wear

Outerwear plays a significant role in the fashion line. Branded coats and fluffy fur coats like the stars of the Golden Era of Hollywood have already become the hallmark of the brand. Perfect trouser suits, warm sweaters and casual dresses were not left without attention. Along with voluminous forms, there are many tight-fitting, figure-hugging options. Of the interesting chips - shrugged shoulders - a delicate nod to the charming Marilyn Monroe.

What details should we pay attention to? Both daring mini and discreet midi lengths are a priority, and for an evening out there are stunning maxi dresses with asymmetry, draping, cutouts at the waist and seductive high slits. These outfits are spiced up with a generous dose of sparkling crystals, sequins and paired exclusively with heels. Favorites are pointed pumps and sandals with thin straps for a special occasion.

michael-kors-fall-2022 ready-to-wear

For trouser suits, the designer offers shoes with a lower run and in a masculine style, there are also spectacular high boots with a tight-fitting bootleg in the collection. And here I will notice that a long-known rule returned to fashion last season: a bag and shoes in the same tone. In the new collection from Michael Kors, this duo works to the fullest. Moreover, most fashionable ensembles are presented in monochrome.

The atmosphere of the fashion show, the general mood at the show, as the designer intended, turned out to be very optimistic. No negativity, just full speed ahead. The couturier himself comments on his work in the following way: "I wanted to bring to life the indefatigable energy of the night city. And it doesn't matter where you are now. The main thing is the feelings and emotions that you experience."

Michael Kors claims that the brand now has a completely new mentality - the comfort of customers, their self-confidence and a truly positive attitude. I liked the collection.