Max Mara Resort 2023 - fashion show in Milan

As part of Milan Fashion Week, the eminent Italian house Max Mara presented the RESORT 2023 resort collection. A real holiday and a long-awaited vacation for representatives of the fashion industry, editors, influencers and for all friends of the brand was arranged by the creative director of the company Ian Griffiths.

Max Mara Resort 2023

The location of the fashion show was the neighborhood of the Galust Gulbenkian Museum in Lisbon. The fashion show took place in the garden by the green lake. The models paced the steps, the park paths, the concrete path across the water surface along the spectators densely seated on the garden benches. It is worth noting that the Max Mara brand went to Portugal not by chance. Ian Griffiths last year, visiting a museum exhibition, noticed a portrait of Natalia Correia, a Portuguese poetess and political activist for women's rights. The designer decided that he must dedicate a new collection to her personality.

According to the couturier, her work in the 70s and 80s was undeservedly forgotten for many years and consigned to oblivion. But Ian Griffiths is sure that there is something sensual, voluptuous in the image of the poetess, and she will rightfully take her rightful place in the pantheon of influential women of Max Mara. 

As a result, on the podium, the designer presented outfits where he prefers the actual forms and silhouettes of that time - pencil skirts, from under the hem of which a pleated delicately peeks out; loose shirt dresses; tight trousers with straps; short shorts, double-breasted jackets - complementing the looks with leather gloves, hats and eye-catching fishnet tights.

The collection also includes elegant sheath dresses; monochrome sets with a tight-fitting knitted top and fluffy skirt, charming maxi outfits and outerwear: fur coats, coats - with wide sleeves turned up above the elbow. The fashion house team combined new styles with their own signature design codes, added a touching romantic heart-shaped pattern and voluminous decor, decorating things with brooches, rhinestone embroidery, and beads.

It so happened that the Max Mara brand is usually associated with calm colors and monochrome looks in white, black, brown and, of course, beige. When the current cruise show started in Lisbon, it was easy to think that nothing would change this time either. But no matter how. After the first discreet bows - I mean in shades, but not in silhouettes - models appeared on the podium in much brighter outfits.

Therefore, don't switch, friends, and be sure to watch the video until the final, where a string of black-and-white-sand monophonic ensembles was replaced by a whole section of long dresses, trouser suits, pleated skirts, thin jumpers - in rich purple, piercing blue and natural green; as well as in shades of cool lemonade and sweet persimmon. According to the spectators who gathered at the show, all this multi-colored splendor made the fashion models look like fabulous birds of paradise.

Max Mara Resort 2023

Yes, perhaps not the most common move for Max Mara, in whose collections the color appears in an extremely dosed way, but in my opinion - such a decision is quite logical for a cruise collection. In the end, when traveling, you always want something more positive and cheerful.

By the way, for the first time in the 40-year history of the fashion house, a man appeared on the podium during the show. The fashion model tried on a signature camel coat, which is the key model of the Max Mara brand. According to the designer, it was decided to show the fashionable public that this thing suits absolutely everyone. However, Ian Griffiths firmly emphasized that the brand does not plan to produce men's clothing.

Today, the main character of the new collection strives for perfection and is beautiful in any outfit. She simultaneously builds a career, raises children, but at the same time knows how to find time only for herself, enjoying shopping, fashion and travel. She wants everything at once and right now. According to the Max Mara team, each of you undeniably deserves all this as well.