Louis Vuitton Resort 2023 - Fashion Show in California

Together with the team of the Louis Vuitton fashion house, we will go on an exciting journey through the expanses of the Universe - changing not only galaxies, but also time epochs.

Louis Vuitton Resort 2023

After all, the new RESORT 2023 cruise collection is a whole fantastic trilogy that originates in the 19th century, and having made a pit stop in the 90s of the twentieth, is carried away into the dizzying future of the 21st century.

Leading designer Nicolas Ghesquière chose the Salk Institute for Biological Research in San Diego, California as the trendy location. The architectural complex with block concrete buildings and the murmuring River of Life create a kind of metaphor for infinity, forming a magnificent picturesque backdrop. Here the elements pass one into another: a jet of water into concrete, and the light of the sun into the air between the buildings.

This place has become ideal for organizing a fashion show. The action began at sunset. An audience of seven hundred people gathered to watch the fashion show, including all the muses of the House of Louis Vuitton. The rays of the setting sun, reflected from the mirror facade, created an amazing mythical atmosphere.

The collection itself fits perfectly into the location. Nicolas Ghesquière deftly used a variety of shimmering fabrics and metallic embellishments that successfully reflected the fading sunlight. By the way, according to the couturier: the hot Californian sun was one of the most honored guests at the fashion show.

In addition to the designer's love of putting on a show against the backdrop of architectural masterpieces, it is worth noting his passion for the theme of historical costume. In the new collection, it freely coexists with futuristic moods without any contradiction. For example, as you have already noticed, friends, the show opened with three majestic dresses with puffy heavy floor-length skirts, tailored from durable jacquard. And the outfits were complemented by modern sneakers with soft soles.

Louis Vuitton Resort 2023

When viewing the collection, references to the theme of Space are also noticeable. ‎Metalized textures, glitter of gold and silver, mirrored sky-fi goggles and heavy tops with hoods reminiscent of space suits - everything hints that the designer obviously found somewhere and, of course, revised the box set of science fiction films about space. The collection definitely includes several parts of Star Wars and 2001: A Space Odyssey. Some of the models on the catwalk are clearly like aliens descended from heaven from the future. Bold and daring urban Amazons with an accentuated waistline, in broad-shouldered tops with a futuristic pattern - somehow reminded of Princess Leia's hunting wardrobe.

One of the key sources of inspiration for Nicolas Ghesquière was also the film "Dune". From the wind and sand in the desert landscapes of Arrakis, the designer recommends hiding behind draped capes, just like the inhabitants of a fantastic planet. The collection will definitely contain everything you need to survive the scorching sun, and sandstorms, and even courageously resist the attack of monsters.

Louis Vuitton Resort 2023

In recent years, the world keeps reminding us that at any moment we must be ready to face difficulties and survive. Today, in the new cruise line, the designer seems to be telling us: every woman is a superhero to some extent, but none of them will definitely hurt to get armor. As a result, the theme of female strength and clothing as protective armor is more than once touched upon in fashionable images, which is presented in multi-layered knitted outfits, including fashionable ensembles, which included chain mail sweaters, leather belt skirts, metallic knight boots and tube scarves. .

At the same time, the designer did not forget to add a magic effect to the collection. Militancy - and at the same time transparency, charm. Armor - and then splashes of the holiday - the images turned out to be very spectacular. What are the spectacular boleros, reminiscent of a paraglider with a dripping crystal fringe, which, friends, you will see in the final part of the video.

Yes, much here goes beyond the ordinary - from textured fabrics, as if created from molten lava, to glamorous sequins, similar to fish scales. The designer offers to boldly destroy the usual dress code and feel absolutely free in fashionable creativity.