Dior Cruise 2023 - fashion show in Paris

When it comes to the cruise collection, the fashion capital is not always preferred by Christian Dior as the location for the Paris Fashion Week show. So this time the presentation of the RESORT 2023 collection took place outside of France.

Dior Cruise 2023 - fashion show in Paris

In the center of the city of Sevilla, on the majestic Plaza de España, the creative director of the company, Maria Grazia Chiuri, decided to arrange a grandiose fashion performance on the theme of flamenco dance. In the show, in addition to fashion models, the brand involved sixty dancers and a live orchestra. Eminent stars, influential people, buyers and representatives of the fashion press came to the luxurious action, which took place late in the evening.

Andalusia, riders, Spanish passions... The epic show fell on a special day for Spain. In the morning, a huge procession passed through the city, during which the statue of the Madonna was carried on a golden throne. And closer to the night, the Dior fashion house offered more than a hundred images of the cruise line to the assembled public, where Chiuri masterfully managed to combine the fashionable with the sacred.

This season, the designer, by tradition, chose the central figure, to whom the collection was dedicated as a whole. This time it was Carmen Amaya - Spanish dancer, singer, film actress, legendary flamenco performer. She was the first woman to put on men's clothes and use masculine movements and gestures in the dance, which had never before been adopted by women. Therefore, it is not surprising that a fashion model in men's trousers with suspenders opened the show.

This is followed by a whole series of fashionable images, in which the designer included cropped jackets, shirts, vests and boleros, spectacular headdresses similar to a matador's hat. It is worth noting here - some of the stylish outfits clearly resemble the uniforms of Spanish riding schools. Indeed, among the muses that inspired Chiuri to create a new collection, there was also Jackie Kennedy, who was a wonderful horsewoman and once even took part in a horse parade in Seville.

After a series of trouser ensembles, models in charming dresses, lace blouses, tops with frills and flounces, high-waisted shorts and puffy skirts to the floor, where the waist was emphasized by wide leather belts or bow belts, appeared on the podium. Among the key elements of the collection, I will name the mantIlya, an accessory that, in fact, was born in the Philippines. It was later exported by the Spaniards to Mexico to be brought back to Spain and turned into a symbol of Spanish fashion.

Dior Cruise 2023 - fashion show in Paris

A silk or lace veil scarf, especially popular in Andalusia, was worn by the girls at the show draped over their shoulders. A no less iconic accessory, which is often preferred by flamenco dancers, has become a fan in fashionable images. It can be held in the hands or neatly fastened to the belt.

When viewing the collection further, I advise you to pay attention, friends, to clothes made of leather with unique perforations, laser cut in the form of complex lace patterns. As always, the designer presented several fashionable denim ensembles - ideal in terms of creating a casual look. There are also quilted clothes traditional for the Dior brand and things with the brand's monogram.

Starting with a black and white range of shades, the color palette of the line is filled with deep, charming red, making a smooth transition to sandy, gray and olive tones. Closer to the finale, golden yellow and no less vibrant purple flashed on the catwalk, completing the fashion range with dresses with a print created based on the work of a contemporary Spanish artist.