Chanel Cruise 2023 - fashion show in Monte Carlo

And today we, my dear viewers, will see the RESORT 2023 cruise collection from the Chanel fashion house. The presentation of the new line took place in Monte Carlo. 

Chanel Cruise 2023 - fashion show in Monte Carlo

The beach on the territory of a fashionable sports club served as a podium. The audience was made up of several international fashion editors, movie stars and, of course, wealthy clients of the Fashion House.

All guests were accommodated in sun loungers installed in beach cabins or under giant umbrellas. True, the weather let us down a bit. The day turned out to be gray and cloudy, but this did not at all reduce the degree of luxury and did not spoil the atmosphere of a fashionable holiday. The freedom and laid-back charm of a seaside resort set the perfect mood for the show.

By the way, this location for the show was not chosen by chance. The place is considered a landmark for the Chanel fashion house. Firstly, according to biographers, it was here, in Monte Carlo, that Gabrielle Chanel met perfumer Ernest Beaux, who went down in history as the author of Chanel No. 5 fragrance. Secondly, the famous villa that belonged to Karl Lagerfeld is also located here. 

As the company's current creative director, Virginie Viard, said before the start of the show: "I will never forget the time I spent there: terraces and balconies, large umbrellas, flower baskets - so much beauty." And thirdly, the Monaco Grand Prix, the famous Formula 1 race, which inspired the designer to create most of the fashionable images of the new collection, will be held here.

The models took to the podium in stylish jumpsuits imitating the outfit of racers, made of tweed, silk, or covered with mini-sequins. Some girls carried helmets with the number 5 in their hands. Some of the outfits were decorated with a characteristic black-and-white checkered pattern and a print in the form of start flags. Baseball caps and motorcycle gloves supported the sports theme, which Viard dedicated not only to racing, but also to the always popular tennis.

Short skirts and micro-shorts, sneakers, bags in the shape of a tennis racket, sun visors - the designer offered smart sporty chic in the new fashion line, but quite balanced and without any redundancy. We can safely say that the cruise collection turned out to be extremely wearable and at the same time bright and bold.

Chanel Cruise 2023 - fashion show in Monte Carlo

The atmosphere of a carefree holiday on the coast was supported by flying sundresses and dresses, swimwear and beach tunics. The runway was not without the brand's traditional pink color, which dyed knitted vests, tweed suits, windbreakers and bags. The unchanged black and white palette was also diluted with coral red, blue and gold, clearly referring us to fragrance No. 5.

It is also worth not to lose sight of the magnificent floral embroidery, appliqué; graceful lace ensembles and outfits for an evening out. You will see these fashionable images closer to the end of the video. Be sure to pay attention, friends, to stylization - today the designer suggests wearing sparkling sequined dresses and light trench coats complete with transparent trousers, and basic mini ones with black tights.

Virginie Viard has an amazing ability to rework the history of Chanel without bypassing the House's key symbols. And this is not at all heavy conservative clothing, but modern, fashionable, full of life and vivid impressions.