Balenciaga Couture fall 2022 winter 2023 - Paris Fashion Week

Each Balenciaga fashion show becomes one of the highlights of Paris Fashion Week. But the show of the COUTURE collection fall-winter 2022-2023 exceeded all expectations. 

Balenciaga Couture fall 2022 winter 2023

And if many fans of the brand up to this point were sure that nothing could surprise them, then the creative director of the company Demna Gvasalia managed to prove the opposite. The designer again came up with something memorable and most unexpected for the public, one might say - shocking.

This is the second couture masterpiece from the fashion designer, who, by the way, clarifies that now his name is simply Demna. On the day of the show, the opening of a boutique dedicated only to Balenciaga haute couture was announced at the legendary address, where the founder of the fashion house opened his first showroom back in 1937. This is where the fashion show took place.

The new modern couture look under the Balenciaga brand is not only the uniqueness of the outfit, completely handmade, measured by thousands of labor-intensive hours, but also new space technologies. Models opened the show in tight-fitting black ensembles that one might call wetsuits. And, for example, a dress with a train is generally somewhat similar to a dark oil stain, which, with every step, is about to take and stain the bright podium. These frankly frightening and disturbing images, I would even say some ominous ones, like a space patrol uniform from the future - from the first minute of viewing they are immersed in a futuristic, otherworldly atmosphere.

The unique clothing was created from neoprene. It was made from Japanese limestone. The faces of the models were hidden by glossy, perfectly black, lacquered RoboCop-style masks, developed in collaboration with Mercedes-Benz engineers. Many called this accessory an excellent solution for celebrities who want to hide their identity from annoying paparazzi. Only starting from the 39th fashionable bow, the guests of the show were finally able to see the line-up of the participants of the show without plastic protection. And there was someone to watch, because Demna invited a whole starship to the podium.

In the course of fashion action, the character of the collection often changed its direction - from outright glamour, such as a crystal mesh dress worn over a body with gloves, to cocktail minis in black viscose, decorated with beads; dresses in silk with a shark fin on the back or, say, maxi dresses in blue fai with feathers, which, upon closer inspection, turned out to be knitted.

Balenciaga Couture fall 2022 winter 2023

Demna has done a brilliant job with the Balenciaga archives. And he did it not on the forehead, but carefully and accurately, embodying the codes of the house in the final dress of the bride. The designer also managed to show in the new line what he feels most confident in - clothes for real life. The fashion designer claims that he does not see such a clear separation between high and casual street fashion. So many were surprised by couture jeans, T-shirts, hoodies and even whole denim total bows. Moreover, the main accessories of the collection were bags with built-in speakers, from which the soundtrack for the show sounded.

Separately, it is worth noting that more than a quarter of fashionable outfits here are made from recycled items. Vintage bombers, parkas, coats or the same jeans were taken apart and refolded, transforming two pieces of clothing into one new one. Leather belts have become the basis for tailoring jackets and dresses, and antique wristwatches have become a fashion accessory.

According to the designer, the plot of the couture show goes from the past into the future. So welcome everyone to the Balenciaga fashion multiverse dystopia.