Alexis Mabille Couture Fall/Winter 2022/2023 - Paris Fashion Week

Today, friends, I would like to offer for viewing a wonderful Fall-Winter 2022-2023 Couture collection from the Alexis Mabille Fashion House, which was presented at Paris Fashion Week. 

Alexis Mabille Couture Fall/Winter 2022/2023

A little more than a decade has passed since its first appearance as a luxury brand, when representatives of the Haute Couture Syndicate and the French Federation announced that the brand received the official status of haute couture.

But the Aleksi Mabiy Fashion House has already thoroughly and I think for a long time conquered the fashion scene, continuing to surprise its fans with interesting design finds. Like, for example, an elegant black dress with a luxurious bud blooming on the shoulders. The couture show started with this fashionable image, having defined the floral theme as one of the trends of the collection. Floral motifs in fashionable outfits can be seen in the form of openwork lace or embroidery with colored sequins, which looks very impressive against a dark background.

Another interesting theme is the white shirt. And who said that for a fashionable haute couture look, a shirt is too simple? Creative director and lead designer Alexi Mabiy proves otherwise by making the white shirt the basis of many couture ensembles. The light top according to the classic scheme complements the dark bottom - whether it is lace translucent trousers or a maxi-length skirt, where the latter is presented in a new line in a variety of styles. There is a high-waisted hip-hugging model, a flared sun skirt, and an incredibly puffy version with a cascade of airy frills.

The French often use an interesting expression that literally sounds like "assume" in translation, but in real life it means - to accept yourself as you are. This phrase became the main idea of ​​the haute couture collection. The designer sincerely recommends every woman to remain herself, without apologizing for the choice made. And even if she wants to be capricious sometimes, so what. According to the designer, she has every right to do so.

Alexis Mabille Couture Fall/Winter 2022/2023

So, as the headline for the fashion show, there was a quote from Aretha Franklin: You think I'm a diva? Okay then, I'm a diva! As a result, on the catwalk, the fashion designer tried to present a line of fashionable ensembles, where he touched on many different directions, without focusing on any one. Here you will find traditional evening glamour, and charming romantic outfits, dresses with tailcoat elements, seductive bodysuits and even a sports theme.

Perhaps at times it all looked a bit inconsistent, but in each image of the new haute couture collection, one cannot fail to note French chic and elegance, which are multiplied by a non-standard approach, which gives an amazing result.