Max Mara fashion in Milan spring-summer 2022 bad girl

Fashion House Max Mara. Spring-Summer 2022 collection presentation at Milan Fashion Week

Max Mara fashion

It was decided to hold the show in the building of the Bocconi University - a higher educational institution in Italy, which trains the best specialists in the field of economics and business. The number of successful female students here is growing every year, and Max Mara presents itself primarily as a fashion brand for independent, strong, motivated women.

Max Mara fashion

For inspiration, the designer turns to the work of Françoise Coaret, better known in the literary world as Françoise Sagan. The French writer, playwright was distinguished not only by her bright talent, but also by her unusual destiny. As a teenager, she was twice expelled from school, and at 17 she failed her final exams. 

Max Mara fashion

So the future celebrity had to spend the summer at home studying, and not on vacation with his family. Having lost long lazy summer months in a house on the beach, she approached the question philosophically and with the help of her imagination transported to where she was not allowed in reality - Françoise published a book with an amazing story of her imaginary vacation, calling it "Hello, sadness!" This literary masterpiece shook society.

Max Mara fashion

The style of the bourgeois rebel, adjusted for modern trends, is reflected in numerous references to the simple work clothes of the inhabitants of the Mediterranean, where every element is sewn from material that is pleasant to the body and brought to perfection: elegant gabardine and delicate cashmere, pliable knitwear and canvas, impeccable poplin and clothing made from leather, as well as in the collection you will find ensembles in dark raw denim with clear contrasting stitching.

Max Mara fashion

Against the background of the "bad girl" look, who wears loose T-shirts and short bra-tops, low-waisted skirts and fishing sandals - an airy note of romantic mood will suddenly sound the outfits of delicate chiffon embroidered with feathers and knitted ensembles using the crochet technique.

Max Mara fashion

The color palette is quite familiar to a fashion brand. The collection presents a pleasing gamut of shades from sandy to reddish brown, blue and black, successfully diluted with bright orange and soft yellow. Attributes of a nostalgic summer idyll - sun loungers, parasols and windscreens - were the inspiration for the multicolored striped fabric sets that perfectly complemented the monochrome outfits.

Max Mara fashion in Milan

Today, the main character Max Mara is on the verge of change, deciding how she should look in this new world. But she knows exactly how to combine comfort, practicality and beauty.


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