Longchamp fashion autumn-winter 2021/2022 this collection is about Paris

Today I offer you an overview of the new Fall-Winter 2021/2022 collection from the fashion house Longchamp, which the brand presented digitally at Paris Fashion Week.

Longchamp fashion autumn-winter

The main character of the new collection is an ordinary Parisian. Real, alive, and not that perfect blurred image from the picture. She commutes to work in the subway, walks down the street, glancing with interest at the windows of expensive shops, loves to have fun with friends. 

Longchamp fashion autumn-winter

But the most important thing is that the fashion line emphasizes that we, women, are all different. Yes, in some ways they are similar, but also radically different from each other. Each of us has our own character, our own personality, our own uniqueness.

Longchamp fashion autumn-winter

Therefore, in the collection you can see both sophisticated feminine silhouettes and something more dynamic, sporty, even boyish. But the most pleasant thing is that the collection somehow magically instills boundless optimism and stability, reliability - albeit with a piquant dose of French frivolity. Then you understand - everything will definitely be fine. A wonderful sensation that the current fashion is sorely lacking lately.

Longchamp fashion autumn-winter

Today, the Parisian woman wears cheeky short shorts with high red socks and rubber boots, and tomorrow she goes to a business meeting in an elegant dress and high-heeled shoes. Hurrying out on a date in a romantic white outfit or driving to the outskirts for the weekend in comfortable cropped jeans, a warm waistcoat and a charming stylish panama hat.

Longchamp fashion autumn-winter

The color palette also turned out to be typically Parisian. Black, beige, red, blue and white are flavored with delicate coral, gray and piercing bright pink. The checkered print is occasionally replaced by a wavy pattern and a monogram.

Longchamp fashion video

In addition to clothes made of leather, wool, denim, corduroy ensembles and warm options from sheared sheepskin attract attention.


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