Jason Wu Fashion Fall-Winter 2021-2022 in New York Blooming Buds Today

On the first day of New York Fashion Week, Jason Wu presented its new fall-winter 2021-2022 collection.

Jason Wu Fashion

The show was held offline and turned out to be one of the few real shows on the trendy schedule. It was decided to hold the presentation in one of the then empty trading halls of the popular bohemian Noho district with ancient buildings and elegant modern skyscrapers.

Jason Wu Fashion

Wicker vases with flowers served as improvised decorations. Lead Designer and Brand Founder Jason Wu has repeatedly emphasized how important flowers are to him. The fact is that the designer's father was fond of gardening, so Jason spent his entire childhood surrounded by plants. Today blooming buds, delicate flower petals have turned not only into prints, but also marked as subtle appliqués on clothes, and even some of the gold jewelry repeats the graceful shape of the flower.

Jason Wu Fashion

Fashionable outfits from Jason Wu also often feature a pattern in the form of Coca-Cola bottles or the advertising logo of this company in different languages. The fact is that Coca-Cola is a partner and sponsor of the fashion house. Which fully explains the tower of glass bottles of the popular drink at the entrance to the building where the show took place.

Jason Wu Fashion

In his creative work, the designer turned to the main codes of the brand, which he tried to adjust to the current fashion trends this season. The fashion designer showed his own vision of post-quarantine fashion, creating things that meet the requirements of new realities. He didn't have to reinvent the bicycle.

Jason Wu Fashion

Jason Wu focused on what he can do best - creating casual clothes that do not hinder movement, but at the same time look effective and cheerful. Clothes today have acquired an even more relaxed cut, and the mood of fashionable outfits is set by prints, dynamic long fringes and a variety of colors, where, in addition to neutral black and white shades, there are many brighter and more vibrant colors.

Jason Wu Fashion Video

The designer also proposes to complement multi-layered looks with turtlenecks with a positive abstract pattern, and as a fashionable shoe - rely on models not only in basic black or brown tones, but also look at the options in pink, yellow, green, among which shoes stand out most effectively. with a relief texture under the skin of reptiles.


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