Genny Fashion Fall-Winter 2021-2022 in Milan Positive Relaunch

Fashion and high art met at Milan Fashion Week, where the new Genny collection for fall-winter 2021-2022 was shown.

Genny Fashion Fall-Winter

As the creative director of the company Sara Cavazza Facchini noted: "This is our positive restart, in which we are all now, and with this show we wanted to convey a symbolic message of strength and unity!"

Genny Fashion Fall-Winter

The source of inspiration for the creation of a new fashion line was Italy itself with its amazing beauties, rich artistic and cultural heritage, bright, emotional character, openness and optimism. When working on fashionable images, the designer tried to combine Italian craftsmanship with the general national aesthetics as organically as possible, to create a strong connection between the past and the future.

Genny Fashion Fall-Winter

The black and white range is illuminated by bright flashes of yellow, strawberry red and blue. And then all this tenderness and beauty blooms in shiny evening dresses from iridescent fabrics of deep sensual shades and hundreds of thousands of sparkling sequins.

Genny Fashion Fall-Winter

Sara Cavazza is confident that life will once again return to its usual format with an urgent need not only for everyday, practical and comfortable clothes, but also for luxurious, charming looks for a solemn appearance. After all, today we all just need a positive and only a positive attitude for tomorrow.

Genny Fashion Fall-Winter

From stylish accessories, I advise you to pay attention to mono-earrings made of long strands, a charming pendant in the shape of a ripe strawberry on a rather massive chain, thin accent belts with a buckle in the form of a neat bow, leather gloves, as well as bags of various sizes and shapes, among which I will note a quilted model with slotted handles, an elegant clutch bag with the brand's logo and a crossbody with soft fur trim.

Video of Genny Fashion Fall-Winter

Trench coats and trench coats, pantsuits and overalls, a series of tuxedos and maxi dresses with seductive slits, leather clothes and dazzling sequined outfits - all embody elegance, from under which passion and emotion periodically erupt. For more than fifty years of the brand's existence, fashion has changed dramatically many times. Today Genny not only follows new trends, but also successfully maintains its inimitable and unique style and charm.


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