Emporio Armani Milan fashion spring-summer 2022 Elegance, restraint, good taste

Milan Fashion Week. One of the most iconic presentations at the fashion marathon is the Emporio Armani Spring-Summer 2022 collection.

Emporio Armani Milan fashion

Elegance, restraint, good taste are the three pillars on which the fashion house Armani rests. And today, everyday luxury is the main idea of ​​the collection. At the same time, the designer is sure that clothes must reflect our individuality, the cut must be flawless, and the details must be thoroughly thought out. Isn't it a miracle when nothing presses, does not press, does not pull, but at the same time it looks impeccable. 

Emporio Armani Milan fashion

Soft silhouettes, flowing fabrics, barely noticeable translucency, even if they are bright, but not bright colors, normal comfortable shoes, cuties in the form of summer hats, kerchiefs and bags of various designs. The exceptions are the three fashion ensembles, which, my dear viewers, you will see in the final part of this video.

Emporio Armani Milan fashion

I got the impression that the outfits seemed to be assembled from pieces of plastic bottles. Spectacular, juicy, mischievous, somewhat similar to crackers - they will be quite appropriate, for example, at a noisy party. So let's call these looks a positive designer chord for better times ahead.

Emporio Armani Milan fashion

Some of the fashionable outfits were adorned with prints - stripes, checks, abstraction, floral patterns. You can make a separate big review about the bags of the new collection - the models are so diverse in shape and style. 

Emporio Armani Milan fashion

For myself, I noted a belt option that is very comfortable in summer, a soft, fairly roomy clutch, a comfortable backpack for long walks and a wicker bag with a rope strap. By the way, the designer added decorative ropes and laces to spectacular ensembles as an accent belt at the waist or as an additional decoration.

Emporio Armani Milan fashion

The new spring-summer line includes plastic accessories - bracelets, necklaces, earrings. They are quite massive, but outwardly they do not overload the image. Miss perfection - perhaps this can be said about the main character of the brand.

Emporio Armani Milan fashion video

Young, bold, she plays with fashion and easily composes her own rules, while appreciating elegance, good taste, moderate expensive chic and at the same time practicality and comfort.


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