Elie Saab Fall / Winter 2021/2022 Fashion in Paris Strength, Confidence, Charm

The new fall-winter 2021-2022 collection from the fashion house Elie Saab, presented at Paris Fashion Week, is a great opportunity to escape from reality, plunging into the fabulous magic of haute couture.

Elie Saab Fall / Winter 2021/2022

Strength, confidence, charm - this is how the designer described the character and main theme of the new collection in three words. For my part, I will note that the entire autumn-winter line this season combines incongruous. Otherwise, how courage and softness, structure and spontaneity, wild disposition and tenderness can unite in one fashionable image? 

Elie Saab Fall / Winter 2021/2022

You can find the answer in a pleated leather dress with a perforated top, a crisp white pantsuit with a fitted jacket in the style of the 80s, or a velvet jumpsuit with graceful glitter of crystals and a dusty pink outfit with a cape decorated with feathers.

Elie Saab Fall / Winter 2021/2022

The exquisite outfit of the eminent fashion house is like a special chance to get out of the everyday hustle and bustle and for a moment feel like a real royal person, but without the fabulous backstory of Cinderella. After all, the dress and everything that is attached to it will not disappear when the clock strikes 12. Here dream and reality lose a single edge.

Elie Saab Fall / Winter 2021/2022

It is not for nothing that loyal fans of the brand expect new chic looks from the designer every season. Any - can be viewed for an infinitely long time - so they fascinate with their beauty, soft smooth lines without a heap of exorbitant complex structures, but with interesting details. 

Elie Saab Fall / Winter 2021/2022

Some of the stylish ensembles of the new fall-winter collection can be called everyday. Today, the designer has offered not only options for a special occasion, but also several elegant solutions for every day.

Elie Saab Fall / Winter 2021/2022

Textures and fabrics are very diverse, but quite traditional for the brand: silk, lace, chiffon, velvet, fine wool and satin, there are leather outfits. A lot of shiny sequin decor, from prints I will note black and white peas and a neat small cage.

Video of Elie Saab Fall / Winter

To match the spectacular images, elegant expensive jewelry and shoes exclusively with high heels - whether it be stiletto heels or over-the-knee boots. From fashion accessories, sunglasses in a wide plastic frame and high leather gloves attract attention.


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