Chloe Paris Spring / Summer 2022 Fashion Made with Love

Chloé has finally decided to present its new spring-summer 2022 collection at Paris Fashion Week with a lively audience.

Chloe Paris Spring / Summer 2022

Made with love - perhaps this is how you can voice the main theme of the spring-summer 2022 line. Every fashion ensemble is filled with this open, sincere feeling. In the words of the designer in the comments to the fashion show: "No matter how trite it may sound, this collection is about love for many things: love for craft, friendship and neighbor."

Chloe Paris Spring / Summer 2022

Gabriela Hirst believes that the modern suite has begun to look very industrial for her, so she decided to focus on craft techniques. On the catwalk, the designer unveiled a new level of luxury for the brand.

Chloe Paris Spring / Summer 2022

Most of the items, especially knitwear and embroideries, are handmade - as evidenced by the updated spiral logo of the famous French brand. Today, the strategy of the Chloe fashion house implies the support and beneficial development of the female handicraft communities in South America and other countries. So, the knotting technique, in which tops and dresses are made using strips of fabric from past seasons, was developed by a public organization in Madagascar.

Chloe Paris Spring / Summer 2022

Handcrafted shell necklaces, a petal crocheted dress, and wicker basket bags featuring the names of talented craftsmen. It is worth noting that shoes from the new collection were also no exception to Hirst's rules. Spectacular multi-colored flip flops, sandals, platform flip flops are made from recycled and compressed old summer shoes found and collected in the ocean.

Chloe Paris Spring / Summer 2022

The collection includes summer lace-up caftans, boyish trouser suits, knitted dresses with spacious sleeves made of thin linen, tunics and crop-tops with fringes, lace ensembles, maxi-length skirts and wide-leg trousers, ponchos and boho-style capes, leather clothes.

Chloe Paris Spring / Summer 2022

The colorful hues of the fashionable outfits mysteriously matched the pencil colors that the guests of the show received along with their personalized invitations. Delicate milky white colors were diluted with orange and yellow, chocolate and beige, peach and lemon, blue and black.

Video of Chloe Paris Spring / Summer 2022

Despite such a serious subtext, the collection turned out to be free, unconstrained, very atmospheric and rightfully deserved sincere applause from the invited audience and completely random spectators on passing river boats passing by.


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