Bottega Veneta Spring / Summer 2022 Fashion Engineering Heritage City of Detroit

I want to introduce you to the new spring-summer 2022 collection from the Italian fashion brand Bottega Veneta.

Bottega Veneta Spring / Summer 2022

It was decided to organize the presentation of the fashion collection for the warm season of 2022, in which the men and women lines were combined, in the Michigan Building, a former theater building that ceased to operate in the late 70s. Some floors were then even rebuilt into parking structures. 

Bottega Veneta Spring / Summer 2022

But the richly decorated plaster ceiling, decorative stucco arches and balconies from bygone theater days still survive here. For the fashion show, the entire room was cleared to turn it into a stage of impressive dimensions and remind the guests of the show how at the end of the last century, sometimes the most unexpected venues became places for techno parties.

Bottega Veneta Spring / Summer 2022

Hence, it is not surprising that the designer was inspired by the engineering heritage of the city of Detroit, including functionality paired with pomp, as well as a love of techno musical rhythms. In the new collection, Daniel Lee relies on a combination of futurism and glamor, sports style and work uniform, skillfully uses technological innovations, without forgetting about practicality and comfort.

Bottega Veneta Spring / Summer 2022

Gradually, color appears in the collection. At first, these are only timid blotches in the form of bright accessories, but then green, orange, yellow flashed in fashionable ensembles. Knitted dresses, trouser suits, knitted sports sets, outfits covered with sequins, beads or shell stones are complemented by sneakers, sport chic sandals with a characteristic pimple soles and massive rubber boots.

Bottega Veneta Spring / Summer 2022

What other points can you highlight in the new spring-summer line? These are denim sets where the Oversized skirt or wide leg has a low rise. 

Video of Bottega Veneta Spring / Summer 2022

A towel dress or a robe coat looks completely at home, and the parks are deliberately crumpled and, as I noted earlier, due to metal threads, clothes can be given any desired shape and easily manipulate silhouettes. Stylish bags under the Bottega Veneta brand, especially in a fresh green shade, I am sure, will surely become a hit next spring.


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