Anteprima Fashion Fall-Winter 2021/2022 in Milan New Horizon

 And today, my dear viewers, together we will see an amazing, open and endlessly sincere fall-winter 2021-2022 collection from the Anteprima fashion house, which was presented at Milan Fashion Week.

Anteprima Fashion Fall-Winter 2021/2022

"New Horizon" - this is the name given to the current collection, in which the designer has combined men's and women's lines. And it is in this name that the main concept and direction of the brand is voiced - the desire for new heights of success, for freedom and beauty with emotional sensibility. This is a bright flight of creative imagination and a bold movement only forward - to new unexplored horizons.

Anteprima Fashion Fall-Winter 2021/2022

Knitwear. Pliable, soft, pleasant to the touch. It is easily combined with clothes of any texture, and it is the knitted ensembles that most accurately embodied the designer's idea today.

Anteprima Fashion Fall-Winter 2021/2022

Even without touching the clothes, you already understand how comfortable and practical they are. And knitwear perfectly combines both of these concepts. During viewing, absolutely involuntarily, there is a desire to have at least half of the collection in your everyday wardrobe.

Anteprima Fashion Fall-Winter 2021/2022

The clothes presented on the catwalk seem to envelop you with warmth, gently wraps the body with gentle comfort, soothes and protects. The combination of fabrics is perfect, there is no sharp contrast in shades and proportions. 

Anteprima Fashion Fall-Winter 2021/2022

There is no pretentious decor and expensive jewelry, which are completely unnecessary here. From fashion accessories - bags of various shapes and colors, but in the same wicker style, as well as long knitted scarves, ready to protect from the vagaries of the weather and carefully warm on the most rainy and coldest day.

Anteprima Fashion Fall-Winter 2021/2022

The new collection under the Anteprima brand seems to have put all the happy moments into one, conveying it with that lightness, light, sensuality on the catwalk.

Anteprima Fashion Video

Fashionable images are mesmerizing, captivating at the same time with their simplicity and mystery, high quality workmanship, as well as a perfect union of Italian chic and Japanese freshness. Each model here received the highest spectator score.


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