Akris Fashion Spring-Summer 2022 in Paris Soft Power

At Paris Fashion Week, a show of the spring-summer 2022 collection from the fashion house Akris took place.

Akris Spring-Summer 2022

The interior courtyard of the bank's headquarters was chosen as a fashionable location, which looks more like a cozy living room covered with red carpet than an ordinary square.

Akris Spring-Summer 2022

Woman and apron. This union has become a key thread throughout the entire fashion collection. Once upon a time, the grandmother of Albert Krimler Alice put on an apron every day before going out to the atelier. 

Akris Spring-Summer 2022

She began to make women's aprons, founding a house to sew such a necessary piece of women's clothing from fabrics and embroideries of St. Gallen almost 100 years ago. Today, the designer has set himself the task of making the apron more modern by including it as part of a very important, albeit slightly modified detail, in fashionable ensembles.

Akris Spring-Summer 2022

"Soft power" - so in a nutshell Krimler described the main idea of ​​the new fashion line. The simplicity and severity of the silhouette of the apron made it possible for the fashion designer to play with fabrics and textures. Cotton, linen, wool, graceful lace, thin smooth leather and delicate pliable knitwear - everything is only of the highest luxury class, which guarantees the integrity of fashionable ensembles, and, of course, their excellent quality.

Akris Spring-Summer 2022

In addition to black and white tones, the collection's color scheme is full of orange, chocolate, tobacco, piercing blue and delicate pink. Among the prints, I would like to note an abstract striped pattern, a slightly blurred blue and white pattern that resembles a summer sky with floating clouds, and a beautiful image of an alpine lake along which Krimler once walked with his mother.  

Akris Spring-Summer 2022

As summer shoes, the brand offers flat sandals with leather high lacing and transparent silicone fastening, as well as flip-flops or, to put it simply, flip flops, among which there is even an option with a neat thin heel.

Video of Akris Spring-Summer 2022

There are no expensive jewelry in fashionable looks. From stylish accessories - there are bags of different shapes and sizes. One part of the models repeats the color of the outfit, the other plays in contrast with the fashionable ensemble.


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