Zimmermann Fashion Fall-Winter 2021/2022 in New York

 At New York Fashion Week, Australian brand Zimmermann presented its amazing new fall-winter 2021/2022 collection, once again attracting the attention of viewers with original, bright and beautiful outfits.


The inspiration for the creation of the new fall-winter line was the era of the 70s. "Nostalgia is what is pleasant now," - this is how Nikki Zimmermann voiced her decision. Taking as a basis the Australian music TV show from the past "Countdown" and recalling favorite discos from his youth, the designer skillfully breathed a light cheerful festival mood into each stylish outfit.


Elongated jackets and flared trousers, silk blouses and linen dresses with puffy sleeves, spectacular layered skirts, carved lace, flounces, ruffles and bows ... And also pure ozone ... A lot of air and boundless freedom. These components are masterly brought together by the talented hand of the couturier in the presented fashionable images.


The Zimmermann girl is relaxed, feminine and artistic. She does not hide her fragility behind explicit sexuality, she accepts it with irony and enjoys life in all its best forms. The main character of the famous brand always looks at the world with a smile and optimism.


Freedom and naturalness, incendiary energy with notes of rock and roll - each charming fashion ensemble combines music, creativity, fashion and the world as a whole.


As for the color palette, the collection, in my opinion, is completely saturated with rich colors in perfect union with delicate pastel shades. As you browse, you will be sure to notice the clear transition between the individual color blocks.


Accessories and shoes will help to support the retro theme in the spirit of the 70s: sunglasses with huge lenses in plastic frames, a chain fastened to the belt of trousers, patent leather boots with a loose shaft, closed platform shoes.

Zimmermann Videos

The finale of the show was a luxurious maxi dress with a perfectly crafted combination of floral prints.


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