Prada Fashion Spring-Summer 2022 in Milan and Shanghai

 Within the framework of Milan Fashion Week, for the first time, two iconic designers Miuccia Prada and Raf Simons were able to present their joint project in real format.


Their union has already given us several flawless fashion lines, and they are getting more interesting every time. After a long hiatus, the Prada fashion house has finally held the show of the spring-summer 2022 collection live with the audience invited to the show.


Many fashion brands have taken a sexy course this season, and Prada is no exception. According to the designers, the desire of people to wear more tight, shorter and transparent clothes is connected not only with the fact that they miss such outfits, but also with a new round of development of body positive, which teaches us not to be ashamed of your body and calmly put on everything in which you can feel yourself uncommon, bright, open, stylish.


For the older generation, this approach to modern fashion sometimes seems too frank, but Miuccia Prada and Raf Simons are confident that it is time to look at high fashion from a bold new angle.


The spring-summer 2022 collection has received an unusual name, which can be translated as "Limited seduction". The designers explained the main theme in the following way: “We thought to describe the collection with the word“ elegance ”, but at some point it seemed old-fashioned to us. As a result, we realized that this is our own language of seduction. And it seems to us more modern. "


As a result, a satin sheath dress appeared in the new fashion line. It looks modest and understated until you notice a cutout to the lower back that exposes the underwear. There are also mini-skirts with long trains that are combined with jackets made of worn leather and worn on the naked body, jersey complements the elements of bustiers and corset puffs, and a scarlet lace dress is adorned with sensual roses. 


Designers are actively exploring the space that exists between the polar points, between hard and soft, masculine and feminine, elegance and practicality, strict restrictions and seductive freedom.

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This season, the influence of Raf Simons is especially strong - here are the details on the sleeves taken from the designer's past collections, and the signature rebellious style, voiced with the help of fabrics and shapes, as well as bright colors and voluminous silhouettes that are now increasingly appearing on the brand's shows. Prada.


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