Louis Vuitton fashion spring-summer 2022 in Paris

 The show of the spring-summer 2022 collection from the fashion house Louis Vuitton was the best final chord of the Paris Fashion Week.

Louis Vuitton

As a fashionable location, it was decided to choose one of the Louvre galleries - the Richelieu Passage, which was decorated with more than a hundred luxurious chandeliers that created the atmosphere of an ancient castle in the museum. It is worth noting that all this was not done by chance.

Louis Vuitton

As the story goes, or maybe just a legend, it was here that the founder of the brand, Louis Vuitton, met with the Empress of France Eugenia and showed her the first models of travel chests, suitcases, on which he began to work in the middle of the 19th century.

Louis Vuitton

Thus, the designer cleverly mixes the jeans presented on the catwalk with flying combination dresses and textured jackets, complementing the image with glasses with fancy elements in the form of an old mask.

Louis Vuitton

He added a polka dot print and asymmetry to luxurious bohemian outfits, put on puffy down jackets over blouses with an accent collar, and added a long train and a cape to industrial-style jumpsuits.

Louis Vuitton

In fashionable ensembles, the designer actively uses leather and blue denim, and layering becomes one of the main elements. Looks include striking shiny satin lace-up open-toe boots and updated bag designs.

Louis Vuitton

Perhaps this is the perfect example of how you can combine a long history of fashion with today's laid-back codes. At least Nicolas Ghesquière coped with this task perfectly.

Louis Vuitton Videos

You and I are unlikely to wear fabulous dresses with frame skirts, but in the fashion line there are many more practical things for everyday wardrobe. The main thing for us, ordinary viewers, is to see in the new collection an interesting, unusual, boring fashion parade of design ideas and an extraordinary talent of a fashion designer.


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