Fendi Couture Fashion Fall-Winter 2021/2022 in Paris

 At the Paris Haute Couture Week, the Italian brand Fendi presented its couture collection Fall-Winter 2021/2022.

Fendi Couture Fashion Fall-Winter

The brand is still online, so the viewers were offered to watch a mini-film, for the filming of which they specially erected the scenery reminiscent of the famous Palace of Italian Civilization (aka "Square Colosseum") - a building in Rome where the headquarters is located Fendi.  

Fendi Couture Fashion Fall-Winter

“Just looking at Rome, you can be endlessly inspired,” said Kim Jones about his work. The couture collection presented today is the second collaboration with Sylvia VentureIni Fendi. And this creative tandem gave all viewers a lot of excited emotions. Luxurious couture couture looks bring the haute couture dream to life.

Fendi Couture Fashion Fall-Winter

They are the best way to combine enchanting lightness and bohemian elegance. Translucent textures, lace, feathers and fringes, floral motifs, and a gradient effect have added romance and airiness to the amazing grand, I really want to say, royal outfits.

Fendi Couture Fashion Fall-Winter

The crossroads of the cultures of Ancient Rome is reflected in the versatile approach to the choice of defiling models. As designer Kim Jones explains: “It was once the center of the world. I wanted to include everyone who happened to live here then and now. " By the way, in addition to girls of different ages, male models also took part in the show.

Fendi Couture Fashion Fall-Winter

The main color palette of the collection is muted natural tones: milky, beige, caramel, gray, shy powdery pink, elegant black. Accessories are a special highlight in fashionable ensembles.

Fendi Couture Fashion Fall-Winter

These are rather massive asymmetrical earrings of different shapes, monumental bracelets and necklaces, graceful long gloves, charming handbags decorated in the form of the familiar colored mosaic. Handmade jewelry made of Italian marble seems to have frozen in time.

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Kim Jones may not have turned mountains today, but this time the designer really did offer something special. And even if the show was held as part of Paris Fashion Week, but with Rome in the heart. The designer did not, as is popular now, focus on social problems, but simply showed beautiful luxurious images.


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