Fashion knitted sweater, jumper, stylish cardigan fall-winter 2021-2022

For a cool autumn and frosty winter, you always want to choose clothes that are not only fashionable, stylish, but also necessarily warm and cozy. I'm sure a rare fashionista will agree to freeze for the sake of a spectacular image.

Now is the time to add to your warming collection of sweaters, cardigans and jumpers. After all, the designers have carefully thought out every style to the smallest detail, and in the fall-winter 2021/2022 collections you will surely find the most fashionable knitted thing for yourself.

Warm knitted sweater

Today, you should definitely add a voluminous knitted sweater to the list of the most desirable purchases for the cold season. This is the real embodiment of comfort, in which you want to wrap yourself up and go into hibernation for the whole cold winter.

Free, cozy, long and very warm. Perhaps this was exactly what was connected for us in our distant childhood by the caring hands of a mother or grandmother. And designers, like us, were once children too.

So you will hardly be able to freeze in the cold winter if you add a sweater, for example, under the Max Mara brand, to your basic wardrobe. Chunky knit, high collar, long sleeves - the Oversized style returned to the fashion catwalk for a reason.

Designers are once again actively competing in who will show more extravagance and attract the attention of fashionistas. They now enlarge specific details to make them more visible. Balmain also added bright neon colors.

Fashionable and stylish jumper

The basic model with a neat rounded collar will be our main salvation and the best companion to your favorite jeans, trousers, and a skirt. Especially when you just need to get ready in just a minute and leave the house.

A jumper under the Coach brand with an original, I would say childish, pattern will make even the most ordinary everyday look boring. And if you add accessories, then the fashionable outfit will sparkle with new colors.

Avant-garde, striking, bold and simply cosmic styles with unusual round pockets and the same holes in the sleeves were offered by the fashion house Louis Vuitton.

Practical and warm cardigan

In the new autumn-winter season, he also received all the stylish features and is not inferior in popularity to a sweater or jumper. In the trend, both models with buttons and options without a fastener at all.

Bulky knitted cardigans from the usual and relatively everyday clothes have migrated to the category of bright and bold styles. They rhyme well not only with jeans and turtlenecks, but also with evening dresses, fashionable flying skirts.

For basic ensembles, look at the classic Celine version. Hedi Slimane presented a gray knitted cardigan without buttons, which cozily coexisted with a pleated dress and high jockey boots.

Knitted sweater videos

Don't be afraid of daring experiments. Modern fashion is so good that any clothes, be it a knitted sweater, a cardigan, or a jumper, can be chosen according to your personal style and character.


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