Christian Dior Couture fashion fall-winter 2021-2022 in Paris

 At Paris Fashion Week, the presentation of the fall-winter collection COUTURE 2021-2022 from the famous brand Christian Dior took place.

The location where the show of the Dior couture collection took place has become a real antipode of the modern digital era. Models took to the catwalk against the backdrop of a 40-meter gallery, decorated with amazing silk embroidery, made in the tradition of applied arts.

Haute couture performed by Maria Grazia Chiuri turned out to be not flashy, but very restrained, quite practical, with elements of gentle romance and reasonable luxury. The designer masterly managed to preserve throughout the show a fine line between modesty and sophistication, between all understandable simplicity and something bohemian high.

As always, there was a classic nod to the heritage of the Dior brand. Using seemingly basic styles and shades in the Dior Couture fall-winter 2021-2022 collection, Curie manages to give things the famous French elegance without unnecessary details and accents.

Models took to the runway in gray tweed coats in the spirit of the 1920s, from under which marabou feathers peeped out to match; feminine trouser suits in the same color scheme. Curie paid special attention to painted silk, placing dramatic images of blossoming flower buds on the iridescent fabric.

Cashmere, wool, tweed from head to toe, luxurious jacquard, velvet, silk and satin, woven mesh and translucent textures - everything in every fashion ensemble looks very harmonious, thought out to the smallest detail and, as they say, made with love. 

The designer did not forget about her business card - flying pleated dresses with ruffles, drapery, elements of asymmetry. Outfits made of flowing fabrics, charming ensembles with feather décor are filled with the harmony of tender feelings and genuine sincere feminine beauty.

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The warmth of touch, tactility, real communication, the return of haute couture to its usual course - this is how Dior sees the future. Perhaps that is why the couture collection turned out to be not fancy and intricate, but soulful, cozy with a share of everyday practicality and expensive evening glamor.


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