Armani Prive Couture fall-winter 2021/2022 fashion in Paris

 The show of the new Armani Privé Couture Fall-Winter 2021/2022 collection took place at the Haute Couture Week in Paris.

Armani Prive

This time, the designer decisively abandoned the online presentation and put on a fashion show with real viewers. According to the couturier: "I am glad that we are presenting the collection in front of a live audience, because all non-tangible and flowing forms must be seen live and on a moving body in order to fully appreciate the beauty of the product."

Armani Prive

The couture collection was named Shine, which means shine, shine. After a difficult period of isolation, the designer offered the world what we really need most - lightness, light and hope.

Armani Prive

Giorgio Armani used fluid and shiny silk organza to create amazing outfits, while adding his signature and irreplaceable accent - layers of sheer fabric. This technique created an invisible glitter halo that worked wonderfully well with the shimmery floral embroidery and translucent sequins. 

Armani Prive

Each fashionable outfit has become an Ode to light and brilliance. All the images turned out to be surprisingly delicate and airy - Giorgio Armani seemed to arrange a session of encouraging color therapy for the audience. The lion's share of the collection is devoted to pastel shades with iridescent overflow of bright watercolors.

Armani Prive

Sparkling blue and olive, delicate coral and elegant beige, delicious peach and exquisite lavender, passionate pink and refreshing mint - there is so much irrepressible positive energy in each color, not only external, but also internal warm radiance. Floral watercolor patterns have added magical feminine charm to fashion outfits.

The looks are absolutely not overloaded with accessories. As for jewelry, each outfit most often includes only one item: earrings, brooch, ring or bracelet. Only Occasionally you can see the kit. Bags are traditionally small in size. Many repeat the color, decor, texture of clothing.

Armani Prive Videos

The entire fashion show looked more like a real holiday than a usual show, where it is customary to sit with faces and silently condemn everyone around. Life goes on and haute couture once again opens up a fascinating page for its fashion readers


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