Versace Fashion Fall-Winter 2021/2022 in Milan

 The show of the new collection from the fashion house Versace autumn-winter 2021/2022, although it took place after the end of Milan Fashion Week, but the clear framework of the fashion calendar did not diminish the grandeur of the event.


The new fashion line, as conceived by the designer, is intended for those who are never afraid to express their firm point of view and dress primarily for themselves, and not in order to please everyone. This is why Versace is appreciated and loved by bold, self-confident fans of the brand.


Donatella always knows exactly how to make a real fashion show, which today is more reminiscent of a luxurious parade of top models, which this time took place in a bright union of the unraveled 60s, daring 90s and modern dynamics of the present days. The show began with elegant, with a strict business character, but at the same time very feminine and seductive images in black.


Further, an original print appears on clothes, bags and shoes. The all-new design is a modern 3D maze of iconic Greek motifs and the Versace logo in a variety of color combinations.


It is worth noting that the monogram print in recent collections has received considerable demand from many famous brands. And as Donatella Versace jokingly said: she would not want any of the designers to eat this tempting market cake alone.


In addition to the updated popular print, juicy acidic shades, which at first glance are completely unusual for autumn and winter, become a bright accent of the fashion line of the cold season. 


There is so much life, irrepressible energy, positive in every fashionable ensemble. There is a lot of luxurious shine in the collection, for which the outfits, strewn with gold sequins, are responsible.

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Of particular interest and considerable delight among women of fashion were the shoes with a high platform and a wide, stable heel. The Bratz-style shoes, as well as several of the fashionable looks of the new line, are clearly reminiscent of popular cartoon characters. These girls in miniskirts and with big lips also wore similar shoes and clothes. Everything speaks about the desire of the brand to attract a younger audience to its ranks.


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