Coach cruise fashion 2022 in New York

The atmosphere and scenery of the Coach Cruise 2022 fashion show immerse the audience in the distant era of the 60s, when the so-called car theaters were at the peak of popularity. 


The podium turned into a parking lot for retro cars, and on the big screen for car passengers there was a demonstration of films.

In total, the new collection presents about 45 images for the cold season. The designer calls it not even a cruise, but rather more winter, based on the ideas presented last fall. According to the couturier: "The collection is inspired by the spirit of adventure and hope for tomorrow. It marks a more honest approach to seasonality. 


Our return to the podium combines everything that we love so much in live performances, and unites the Coach family around the world."


The starting point for creating fashionable outfits was the loud, dynamic, bold era of the late 80s - with a bright urban atmosphere and not boring bold images. 

The fashion line is dedicated to comfort in all its manifestations, an exciting holiday in a snow-covered ski resort, as well as a universal union of practical everyday themes and sports style.


The color scheme of the collection, according to the couturier, turned out to be "very American". Bright blue, red, green and yellow are perfectly combined with black, gray, brown here. The color block technique is presented in an interesting way. There are clothes and shoes in soft pastel shades.


Cozy sweaters with funny prints, warm coats and sheepskin coats, voluminous fur coats and fur vests, shoes with rough soles, corduroy trousers, bright knitted hats, mittens and socks will be the best choice for our unstable, rainy-frosty-windy autumn-winter weather. In contrast to the trends of the spring-summer season, the trend for cropped trousers is back in fashion. In fashionable images under the Coach brand, many trousers are simply rolled up.

Coach Video

From stylish accessories, I advise you to pay attention to sunglasses in a massive plastic frame, neat jewelry in the form of flower buds or cute animals, as well as a mini purse, which is recommended to be worn around the neck.


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