Christian Dior Resort fashion 2022

 The show took place at Christian Dior RESORT 2022, one might say, in the homeland of sports in Athens, at the famous ancient Greek stadium, built in ancient times.

Christian Dior

Against the background of white marble stands, where a treadmill served as a podium, Maria Grazia Chiuri tried to prove to the fashionable public that sport can be combined with current trends and with the established codes of the French fashion house.

Christian Dior

Today, the designer seemed to have imagined what the fashionable outfit of a modern goddess could be. In the collection you can see all the classic attributes of the wardrobe of the Olympic deities: asymmetric dresses, pulled up under the bust or at the waist, pleated skirts made of flying fabric, floor dressing with all kinds of draperies. 

Christian Dior

The couturier invites all fashionistas to abandon stilettos and wear outfits of Greek goddesses with sneakers or shoes with massive soles. Even the evening gowns, including the final snow-white wedding swan dress ensemble, will make up, according to the designer's idea, the perfect match with comfortable models in a sporty style.

Christian Dior

Maria Grazia boldly combines, it would seem, two completely opposite worlds - sports and high fashion. In almost every outfit, the designer's desire to get into the trend for comfort is noticeable. The clothes are loose and do not restrict movement.

Christian Dior

Sports tops and trousers with a wide elastic band, leggings and boxer shorts, hoodies, anorak jacket, as well as interesting options for quilted clothing - part of the fashionable images of the cruise collection is perfectly adapted for full-fledged sports.

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At the same time, actively exploring the world of sports, the designer does not forget about antiquity. Characteristic features are noticeable not only in the charming dresses, but also in the iconic print. Silhouettes of the mythical heroes of ancient Greece can be seen in fabric patterns on fashionable clothes, including bags and shoes.


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