Chanel fashion fall-winter 2021/2022 in Paris

 One of the latest presentations at Paris Fashion Week was the autumn-winter 2021/2022 collection under the brand name Chanel. 

Chanel fashion fall-winter

The team of the fashion house decided that there is no better place to show a new line of stylish spectacular outfits than the famous Parisian Castel club - the interiors, the spiral staircase and numerous rooms of which are so popular with the creative director Virginie Viard.

Chanel fashion fall-winter

The new autumn-winter collection was presented in the format of a video clip, in which the audience saw how the model girls moved freely around Castel, took off their outerwear and casually threw it on chairs, and then went out for a walk through the streets of Paris. 

Chanel fashion fall-winter

As the designer herself explains: "I wanted to create a homely atmosphere-warm and lively, when girls arrange fashion shows at home, go from room to room, changing clothes on the go. This idea is in tune with the stories of Karl Lagerfeld, who told me about the times when models did their own makeup and dressed before the show. And I think there is something of that atmosphere in this club."

Chanel fashion fall-winter

The main point, the main technique on which the entire fashion line from Chanel is built is a game of contrasts: a mini is hidden under a long coat with a quilted lining, tweed pockets are boldly sewn to a chiffon skirt, and a fedora hat is worn over a hat with earflaps. According to Virginie Viard , the new collection is a mixture of two influences: the atmosphere of winter holidays, a holiday at a ski resort, and a specific idea of cool Parisian chic from the distant 70s to the present day.

Chanel fashion fall-winter

Another thing that the Chanel team offers to adapt to life in the city in the new season is quilted and woolen overalls. In addition to the usual diamond - shaped stitch, pantsuits and even a mini dress are sewn with a camellia pattern — one of the symbols of the fashion brand. 

Chanel fashion fall-winter

Closer to the finale of the famous show, a whole series of stylish fur ensembles is presented. In such outfits, the chic of the French capital and fashionable images from the autumn-winter series of the 94th are quite recognizable. 

Chanel Videos

The legendary British supermodel Stella Tennant also became the muse for the new fashion line. Viar tried to reflect her amazing charm, the way she wears things in the design and styling of the collection.


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