Chanel Cruise Collection 2022 shows were held in France Quarry-de-Lumiere

RESORT 2022 from the fashion House Chanel. The organization and filming of the grandiose show took place in the south-east of France within the walls of the Quarry de Lumiere. 


For a few hours, the caves of a once-abandoned quarry, now a tourist complex, turned into the scenery for a fashion show, in which Virginie Viard told an amazing story. The creative director of the company and the leading designer once again turns to the history of the fashion house and the life of its founder. 


She dedicated her new cruise collection to the strong friendship of Coco Chanel and the French writer, artist and film director Jean Cocteau. Mixing the recognizable and characteristic style of each, ViAr presents a contrasting, but organic line of fashionable images, made mainly in two colors-black and white.


Only at the end of the show, a little color suddenly bursts into this black-and-white movie. More precisely — it looks like rare glimpses on film: precious multicolored embroidery in the form of wildflowers or flying feathers in a shade of lavender. The modern Chanel girl is feminine, elegant, graceful during the day and bold, self-confident in the evening. 


Today, the designer decided to turn to the aesthetics of grunge and punk, combining all this with a sensual French style. So, in the near future, expect the return to fashion of mesh tights, an abundance of leather, graphic prints, fringes, black hair and piercings, and a lot of jewelry.


Flying tunics, caftans, maxi skirts and cardigans, as if hand-painted in ink, alternate in the fashion line with leather suits with rivets, a fringed skirt, which the designer recommends to combine with a knitted T-shirt with thin straps; and strict trousers-with a crop top and a multi-colored shirt. 


You will not be allowed to get tired of active drawings and grunge drive. On vacation, the couturier offers to grab a laconic maxi dress, light wide trousers with a discreet pattern and a knitted suit.

Chanel Video

At the end of the show, snow-white pigeons fly into the sky against the background of a warm sunny sunset. A symbol of peace, support, forgiveness and unity - something that we so often lack now. 


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