Salvatore Ferragamo Spring-summer 2021 Fashion show in Milan

One of the highlights in the world of high fashion was the presentation of the new spring-summer 2021 collection under the Salvatore Ferragamo brand. 

The show took place at Milan Fashion Week, where the brand covered two formats at once. Let's just say-online and offline.

It is not for the first time that the territory of the former cemetery, and now the historical museum complex Rotonda della Besana, was chosen as the venue for the fashion show.

The entourage of the late Baroque building, the monumental columns, the general appearance of the rotunda in the rays of the setting sun made a proper impression on the audience.

As an introductory chord to the fashion show, the brand presented an exciting short film shot in Milan in early August.

A slightly frightening, mysterious atmosphere, bird calls, empty streets-everything is inspired by the work of Alfred Hitchcock.

The heroes of the movie clip then walk around the city and its surroundings, then wander among the deserted interiors of various houses.