Fashion print clothing spring summer 2021 top trending patterns on fabric

Let's see together what will be the most fashionable print, pattern, pattern on fabric in the spring-summer 2021 season.

I will not deny that the lion's share in the new collections is taken by monochrome. Yes, it is fashionable, stylish, elegant. But many brands still offer us to dilute monochrome outfits with a variety of prints and make your image even more interesting and certainly not boring.

A checkerboard, a vertical stripe, flowers, monograms, ethnic motifs or just a collage of different patterns-any of these drawings is usually repeated from season to season.

Nevertheless, every time, thanks to the talent and skill of designers, the fashion podium does not cease to surprise us with a new combination of colors and an unusual mix of various prints.

I don't know what the upcoming season will be - hot and sultry or cool, rainy, but the designers have spent a lot of effort to create summer enthusiasm and positivity in their new collections.