Fashionable shoes spring-summer 2021 In the trend of practicality, comfort

Fashionable shoes spring-summer 2021. Today, I am sure, this topic is interesting to everyone, not just desperate fashionistas.
And let the organization of fashion shows turned out to be not an easy task for many famous brands.

But, the designers still tried to surprise with new trends. However, recently we have become more appreciative of comfort and practicality, much less often we make sacrifices for the sake of trendy trends.

Therefore, the collections of the warm season 2021 have become a kind of response to our attitude to modern fashion. Now, if the high heel is in the form of a comfortable platform, and not stilettos. If the sandals are with elegant jumpers and at a low speed.

Let's together, my dear subscribers and guests of the channel, try to understand all this Shoe variety and, without hurrying anywhere, take a detailed look at the top models.

Square sock.
Low running or flat-soled shoes.

Comfort and convenience have become the main priorities in a fashionable image. And the designers hurried to adapt to modern realities. In the collections now more and more often we see a sports orientation, and in the favorites of retro models.

For example, high white sneakers under the Celine brand, vintage sneakers in the spirit of the 80s from the Tods brand, or blue denim sneakers with thick rubber soles from Dolce Gabbana.

This is how we got the fashion of 2021. Practical, relaxed, sometimes capricious, then compliant and compliant, then quick-tempered and stubborn. But certainly not boring!