Hermes Spring-Summer 2021 Fashion show in Paris

One of the most anticipated events at Paris Fashion Week was the spring-summer 2021 collection from the fashion house Hermès. 
It was traditionally decided to hold the presentation at the capital's Tennis Club, but this time with limited participation of guests.

The set design of the show imitated Greek columns. At each of them, the audience could see interesting works by contemporary artists who, at the request of the leading designer of the brand, presented to the public a collection in various art forms.

A new sketchbook was made from the photographs. It was received by editors of well-known publications and brand clients who could not come to the show.

The leitmotif of the new collection is the desire for free communication, for the abolition of all new rules and prohibitions, the possibility of simple human touches without any restrictions.

As Nadezhda Vanya-Tsybulsky remarked backstage of the show: "Today tactility was taken away from us and Ermes will return it this spring."