Fendi Spring-Summer 2021 Milan Fashion Show

At Milan Fashion Week, a new spring-summer 2021 collection from the famous brand Fendi was shown to the sounds of a violin and the rustle of air curtains.
A real live show with real viewers was held in a calm, romantic, gentle, perhaps a little melancholic, relaxed atmosphere.

Silvia Venturini Fendi decided to devote her new creative work to family values, cozy home traditions, and the beauty of small things. How much love and warmth are embedded in ordinary household items.

For example, such as an openwork grandmother's tablecloth or a dowry that has been passed down from generation to generation.

Even the invitation to the spring-summer 2021 fashion show included a portfolio of family images, a recipe for your favorite lemon pesto and two packages of pasta in the form of a double F logo.

Next season, designer Kim Jones will join the team of the fashion house as the artistic director of the women's department of Fendi.

Well, let's see how smoothly the new creative duo will work. Today, the famous brand opens another fascinating page of its history for us.