Etro Spring-Summer 2021 Fashion Show in Milan

At Milan Fashion Week, when many brands actively held presentations in the online format,the fashion house Etro decided to present the spring-summer 2021 collection in real time.

A spacious garage near the brand's headquarters became a place for safe placement of spectators.

From the first minute, from the first glance at the new fashion line, I want to say: Be careful! After looking at the collection, you will most likely want to go on vacation unbearably.

Everything set up the invited guests of the show for a tempting holiday mood from the very threshold: the citrus design of the space, a light playlist and, of course, the fashionable clothes themselves.

I just want to teleport somewhere far away to the resort coast with wide sandy beaches, hot sun, azure sky and tempting sea expanses.

The spirit of freedom, the desire for new open horizons, the thirst for bright emotions and exciting impressions - such an atmosphere developed during the fashion show, where the general mood was supported by a full of juicy colors, a very positive color scheme of the collection.

Luxurious blue, fiery red, delicate mint green, mischievous and friendly yellow, charming white.