Elisabetta Franchi spring-summer 2021 fashion show in Milan

Among the new collections presented at Milan Fashion Week, one of the most feminine, charming, elegant is the spring-summer 2021 fashion line under the brand Elisabetta Franchi.

And even if the show was held behind a closed door and it was possible to visit it only in digital format, but the fashion show flashed in all its splendor, which, however, is quite expected from a well-known brand.

The presentation was organized in a majestic country villa with an English landscaped garden filled with hydrangeas. Luxurious flowers echoed with a delicate print, elegant decor and clearly set the tone for the entire color scheme of the new collection.

The source of inspiration for creating fashionable images, in the fashion line spring-summer 2021 Elisabetta Franchi, was spring itself - a time of hope, renewal, the birth of bold ideas and striving for new heights.

It is the moment when every woman wants love, beauty, freedom and celebration.

As Elisabetta Franki herself said: "Yes, we were locked in a box. But it will be time to start all over again, time to get out. Not to conquer the world, but to love it."