Boss spring-summer 2021 Fashion show in Milan

And today we will look at the spring-summer 2021 collection of the famous Boss brand, the presentation of which took place at Milan Fashion Week.

The venue of the fashion show this time was the Senate Palace, where instead of artificial pretentious decorations there are only majestic columns of a historical building, and an old stone floor is used as a podium.

Such an unusual location was not chosen by chance. It was here 20 years ago that the Boss brand introduced its first separate women's line.

According to the creative director of the brand: "Our return to Milan is a manifestation of optimism."Yes, the past year has been quite difficult for the fashion industry. There were many difficulties in organizing a show with a traditional podium and an audience.

Ingo Wilt noticed that they were one of the last to present a real show last season, and became one of the first now to hold an open presentation of the collection in addition to the online broadcast, carefully observing all the rules for invited guests and company staff.

Looking at the new fashion line spring-summer 2021 from Boss, you understand that in the upcoming warm season, monochrome will become the main trend. The entire collection is divided by color into separate blocks.