Armani Prive spring-summer 2021 Couture Fashion show in Milan

Armani Privé collection spring 2021. The famous Italian brand held a presentation in Milan
where the main location was the Palazzo Orsini, where the salon and couture atelier of the company are located.

Here, among the frescoes of the XVIII century, against the background of the ancient interior of the palace, one can say in the heart of the fashion House, the great master of Italian fashion Giorgio Armani declares his love for Milan, still choosing this city as a place of residence and as a special lifestyle.

For a number of years, haute couture shows were held in Paris and now the designer is returning them to Milan.

This decision was dictated by the desire of Giorgio Armani to help the fashion capital regain its former role and international prestige, as well as to emphasize the uniqueness and perfection of the "Made in Italy"concept.

In the new season, the designer talks about freedom and independence from fleeting trends, about the constant pursuit of perfection, about the eternal search for the perfect beauty.

The show was opened by a series of fashionable images with a restrained silver-pearl shine in beige and gray shades, where black added an elegant contrasting note.

Architectural, refined to the smallest detail silhouettes, like fragile expensive porcelain, which, although a little scary, but really want to touch.