Fashionable color spring-summer 2021 from the Pantone Institute

As always, the experts of the Pantone Institute played a solo part in a fashionable orchestra, presenting a wonderful color palette. 

It includes 10 basic colorful shades and 5 neutral base tones.

Each has its own interesting, unusual, original name, which, in my opinion, most succinctly and correctly conveys the character of a fashionable color. The colorful palette turned out to be very optimistic and close to natural natural motives.

1 Marigold - Marigold

Literally translated, it sounds like Marigolds. Or Marigolds, as well as a calendula flower. A warm orange tone with a golden tint really repeats the natural shade of the flower one by one

2 (Cerulean) Sky Blue

The soft blue color is so light and airy that it is almost white and as transparent as glass. Hearing the name, the gaze involuntarily rushes to the sky. Probably, this is what the azure sky looks like on a clear and fine day.

3 (Rust) Rust

This noble shade brings us down from heaven to earth. Despite the completely "not poetic" name, it looks just gorgeous! Although it looks like such a "stranger" in the spring-summer palette, reminding of the fading autumn foliage.

4 Illuminating Yellow

5 French Blue (French Blue)

6 Green Ash (Green Ash)

7 Burnt Coral (Burnt Coral)

8 Mint (Mint)

9 Amethyst Orchid (Amethyst Orchid)

10 Raspberry Sorbet (Raspberry Sorbet)

11 Inkwell (Inkwell)

12 Absolutely Gray (Ultimate Gray)

13 Buttercream

14 Desert Mist or Classic beige (Desert Mist)

15 Willow (Willow)

This is the fashionable color palette of the spring-summer season 2021.