The main trends fall 2020 winter 2021

In this video, we will talk about the trends, main trends and fashion trends of the autumn-winter 20/21 season.
Outside the window, the weather still spoils us with warmth, and the bright sun is not as hot as in summer.

But, I'm sure, it's time to decide on the choice of fashionable clothes and shoes for the cool, and sometimes even very frosty autumn-winter season and please yourself with the most top-end new clothes.

Moreover, modern fashion is so diverse, quite comfortable and versatile, although not always clear, but very interesting, sometimes bold and desperate, or important, strict, elegant.

Sometimes it seems that famous brands just get tired of experimenting and throw off all the fashion trends in one pile. So, as a result, a new direction is born, which may linger for a long time in the capricious fashion world, or will disappear behind the scenes of the fashion scene for several decades.

High fashion today increasingly relies on convenience, comfort and practicality, not forgetting about elegance, femininity, beauty with a touch of bold adventurism. Whether this is true or not, time will tell. The main decision, as always, is yours.

The main trends of the autumn-winter 2020/2021 season included: long fringe, accent sleeves, capes and capes, warm sheepskin coats, bra tops, leather and latex clothing, pantsuit, knitted and knitted clothing, chain decor, scarves and long gloves.