Giorgio Armani Autumn-2020 Winter-2021 Clothing in Milan

Every new season, the Fashion Week in Milan traditionally closes with the Giorgio Armani fashion show, always being its spectacular final chord.

However, this time the show of the Giorgio Armani autumn-winter 2020/2021 collection was not so grandiose, as it was held without the participation of the audience.

The main bet today is made by the designer on luxurious velvet, which in the deep black color "crow's wing" looks especially impressive, aristocratic, expensive. Armani successfully diluted the dramatic note of dark shades with bright prints, brilliant decor, and a contrasting combination of different textures.

Stripes, flowers, camouflage pattern on fabric, graphic patterns, three - dimensional application, multi-colored stones and rhinestones-every detail is given maximum attention here. The "Godfather of Italian fashion" once again proves that he has no equal in standard elegance.

Everything is very beautiful, elegant, expensive, status. The famous couturier has a deep respect for fashion, to which he has devoted several decades of his life, so every new fashion show is a real event for a talented master and his grateful customers.

I liked the Giorgio Armani autumn-2020 winter-2021 collection!