Boss autumn-winter 2020/2021 in Milan

The new autumn-winter 2020/21 collection was presented by Boss at Milan Fashion Week.

Knitted sets and loose trousers, strict shirts, long raincoats, dresses made of flowing fabrics and leather clothing, pantsuits in masculine style and elegant coats, high-necked sweaters and knitted scarves. Highlights: minimalism, long fringe, lavender color, monochrome.

Today, the Boss company offers clothes and shoes for all occasions: from business and everyday looks to evening and elegant ones. The practicality and thoughtfulness of the new fashion line can be voiced in two words: buy and wear. No more tantrums at the closet! The fashion world has finally heard us. After all, the most common questions that sound after viewing the collection are: What should we do with all this now? How to understand all this? What designer idea should I add to my everyday wardrobe?

We, ordinary people, need clear, practical, comfortable clothes. At the same time, it is modern, stylish, elegant, beautiful. Most often, we are not ready to disassemble the flight of design ideas into atoms and molecules. We need everything here and now! I saw it, liked it, bought it and ran away on my own business.