Alberta Ferretti autumn-2020 winter-2021 in Milan

The presentation of the autumn-winter 2020/2021 collection from the fashion house Alberta Ferretti took place at Milan Fashion Week, where the brand made the main bet on everyday images.

Main topic: "Day clothes. Cut. Femininity". Pantsuits, leather sets, rough denim, overalls and bombers, baggy trousers tucked into boots with an accordion top, sweaters and coats in the spirit of the 80s complemented dresses and blouses with ruffles and evening silver outfits.

For more than one season, the fashion brand has been trying to charm its fans primarily not with glamorous outfits, but with simple, quite understandable and maximally comfortable clothes, although with a small portion of bourgeois chic. As the designer herself defined her new style, these are fashionable images for modern, determined, confidently keeping up with the times, women.

Today, Alberta Ferretti is no longer lost in an attempt to combine refined glamour and clear simple silhouettes. The company creates clothes for modern and active women. To the question why this happens, the designer gives a well-founded clear answer - because It brings a good profit. And also - you just have to love what you do. But how else?