Akris autumn-2020 winter-2021 in Paris

Paris Fashion Week never tires of surprising us with new interesting collections.

Today I want to present to your attention the fashion line of the Swiss brand Akris autumn-winter 2020/21. The show was held at the Paris Museum of Modern Art. The creative director of the fashion house was very pleased with the opportunity to hold a presentation in an art gallery.

The new fashion line from Akris is laconicity, elegance and restraint, worthy of the first ladies - only high-quality materials: wool, cashmere, fur and leather, only perfect silhouettes and clear lines. Most of the fashionable outfits are devoid of additional decor, only a bag and a cap are accessories. But there is an interesting, unexpected game of prints.

Along with monochrome images, the collection includes bright outfits, where the pattern on the fabric resembles the modernist trend in art - Cubism. By the way, many fabrics for Akris collections are produced by the same brand, which guarantees the integrity of the models, and, of course, their quality.