Ulla Johnson autumn-winter 2020/2021 at New York Fashion Week

The presentation of the autumn-winter 2020/21 collection by Ulla Johnson took place at New York Fashion Week.

A deep color palette, tenderness, lightness, light bohemian-feminine, charming outfits. Flying dresses with ruffles, multi-tiered skirts, puffy sleeves and an emphasis on the waist, openwork weaving and knitted ensembles, overalls and banana trousers from the 80s, luxurious blouses, high boots, leather and fur clothing, wide leather belts with ties, chain decor and handmade jewelry.

Amazing, original, absolutely unlike the collections of other famous brands, the new fashion line from Ulla Johnson once again reminds us that the strength of a woman is in her beauty, charm, tenderness, sincerity and inner harmony.

As the designer herself notes, her brand's clothing is not just things, it is an opportunity to build communication with others, to receive and give pleasant emotions. The motto "elegance without effort" has become the main criterion for the fashion house when creating stylish images.