Shoes for autumn 2020 trends in women's shoes

Fashionable shoes for autumn 2020. The main trends: platform, stable heel, ballet shoes, with a sharp or square nose
with lacing, shoes with buckles, in the style of Mary Jane, loafers, stucco decor, a combination with knee socks or socks. A diverse color palette: from delicate pastels to bright colors.

Let's see together what surprised us with famous brands at fashion shows and what shoes we should buy now. For example, I am absolutely sure that women's shoes should be not only fashionable, beautiful, but also comfortable. Otherwise, goodbye flying gait.

Finally, I would like to note that with each season, fashion becomes more versatile and loyal. Although some models and styles, as you can see, can still surprise with their unconventionality and unpredictability.

It's up to you to decide whether it's good or bad. The main thing, and I am absolutely sure of this, is that you will always be able to choose for yourself from the presented fashion trends exactly your own and, I hope, not the only pair of shoes!