Print fall-winter 2020-2021 Trends and main trends in clothing colors

Trends and main trends in fashionable colors, prints, fabric patterns for fall-winter 2020/21 in my fashion review.
Top-end: check, strip, carpet patterns and tapestry, tie-dye, slogans and logos, paisley, abstraction.

I will not deny that monochrome is fashionable, stylish and elegant. But the designers still offer us to dilute the monochromatic outfits with interesting various prints and make the fashionable look even more spectacular and certainly not boring.

Check, strip, flowers, tapestry or polka dots - any of these patterns are repeated from season to season. Nevertheless, every time, with the light hand of talented couturiers, the fashion catwalk never ceases to amaze us with a new combination of colors and an unusual mix of patterns.

It is good that modern fashion does not drive us into strict frameworks and today, let's say, everything is fashionable. Just choosing a fashionable new thing for yourself, look at the thing not only with your eyes - add a little soul.

And then any print, any color, any pattern on the fabric will sparkle with interesting and bright colors.