Givenchy Fashion autumn-Winter 2020/2021. Clothing at Paris Fashion Week

We will look at the autumn-winter 2020/2021 collection from the fashion house Givenchy, which was presented to all fans of the French brand at Paris Fashion Week.

The main idea is a manifesto of female strength and confidence. Monumental silhouettes, complex cut, elegance, masculine minimalism and soft femininity, graphics and asymmetry, pure shades, voluminous sleeves, feathers and fringes, luxury accessories.

The fashion line from Givenchy is a manifesto of female strength and confidence. A complex cut, elegance, a melody of red and black shades, and also images that are not subject to time. Monumental female silhouettes and a deep color scheme undoubtedly delight and excite the mind in the same way as a strong woman skillfully does. This collection is dedicated to her.

What, the fashion industry lives by new rules. According to the company's management, really beautiful things from Keller were not amazing enough. Today, everyone should either deify or hate the work of a designer. No one is satisfied with the middle. And high fashion is a system, there are no spectacles and shocks — there are no likes and sales. That's something like that.