Skirt for fall 2019 winter 2020. Which skirt to choose

Fashionable skirts for the fall-winter 2019/2020 season delight you with a variety of interesting styles, pleasant colors and spectacular decor.
Among the bright models are a plaid skirt, a pleated skirt, a quilted skirt, with a predatory print or neon colors, with an asymmetric cut, a trouser skirt, an eco-leather skirt or transparent models.

Eminent designers have turned out a pretty good, interesting and sometimes even unexpected mix of already well-known styles, cutting features in clothes, various decorative elements and a color palette.

The main thing is that femininity still remains in the foreground. Regardless of new trends and fashion trends, the skirt will always add a note of romance, lightness, smoothness of movement to your image, and a new fashionable style will take its rightful place in your wardrobe.

But the most luxurious and absolutely feminine are maxi skirts. Carolina Herrera has a very practical casual cut with ankle length and a positive floral print, while the Brandon Maxwell skirt is perfect for special occasions.

And finally, I want to note that when choosing a new fashionable skirt for yourself, look in the mirror not only with your eyes, but also with your soul. And then, regardless of trends and main trends, you will find your ideal style, your correct skirt.